Twitter tease about The Joker.

by Daryl Keogh
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Could this be a real hint to the Prince of Crime in Batman Vs Superman or the sickest joke in the history of DC since the bat-nipples in the 90’s? Hints and rumours have been crawling Twitter and other social media outlets for weeks and this picture is one of the latest to hit our monitors.
Larry Fong, the director of photography, tweeted a picture from the set of Man of Steel 2 of a playing card sticking out of a wall. It took the internet fan-base no time to start screaming “JOKER”. With the movie being set 2-5 years after the events of Man of Steel it will only be standard that the Joker would be established in the Batman end of the universe. So that means Zack Snyder’s Batman will already have had many run in’s with this Joker. Fong went on to reply to some tweets even saying that finally someone pointed out the obvious.
With all the announcements on the heroes and who will be playing them it seems about time that a villain joined Lex Luthor and who else is better to join Superman’s arch enemy than Batman’s. There is loads of time between now and the release for more hints and more sneak peeks of the set. Batman Vs Superman as always is set to release on May 6th 2016.


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