Kevin Smith talks Batsuit.

by Daryl Keogh
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After the release of the recent picture of the Zack Snyder’s Batsuit, the internet has been giving its two cents on what they think it should and may look like. Kevin Smith who himself has been a huge Batman fan and also a great friend of Ben Affleck has come out to express his thoughts  on what the suit will look like.

Ben Affleck as Batman

Ben Affleck as Batman

For months Smith has been saying he has seen the Batsuit after being taken aside by Zack Snyder and shown a photo of the suit on Snyder’s phone. We have recently been subject to the first official photo from the set of the Batmobile and the Batsuit all in eerie black and white. But now Smith has come out to address how the suit will look and what colours it will be.
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Smith made a reference in an interview that the suit Affleck will wear is similar to the one from The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel, from the chapter “Hunt the Dark Knight”. Smith said also that this suit may not be the only one movie goers will see on the big screen. Smith goes on to talk about the recent photo of Affleck “I will put this to you. What if it’s one of a few Batmobiles? What if that’s one of a few outfits in the movie? I suspect that’s the case.” He is not only hinting at multiple suits but multiple Batmobile. Now that is some food for thought.

Batman Vs Superman will be on the big screen on May 6th 2016.


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