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Hey guys, Darius here, and today I’m bringing to you, my loyal BATMAN ETERNAL readers, my review of BATMAN ETERNAL #7. Titled “The Sinking of An Empire”, this issue starts off right where the last issue left off as we see the aftermath of the big explosion involving Batman, the Bat-mobile, and a bus driven by one of Falcone’s criminals. Also, new players start to enter the Gotham gang war as Falcone’s moves his plans into motion, creating a dangerous path for Batman to walk down. Let’s get more in depth with the Positives and Negatives of this issue!


  • I loved how The Penguin and Catwoman gets in on the action. Of course we’ve seen Catwoman in the BATMAN ETERNAL arc before, but we see her do more than to ask questions and flirt with Batman. We’ve seen Penguin get talked up in the issues prior to this current issue. Adding them made this issue more exciting because I wanted to see them do more and they do. I like how Catwoman intervening is noble in a sense. Especially when she helped save the people from Penguin’s Iceberg Casino…I like that!
  • Professor Pyg stepped his game. I actually enjoyed him in this issue and when he got his revenge on Mr. Rhodes at the end of the issue, I smiled from ear to ear.
  • Seeing the extent of Falcone’s manipulation was cool. You can tell he is a person who you do not want to cross. He is intense, he is vicious and he really hates Penguin. Blowing up his Iceberg Casino, manipulating Professor Pyg and using him as a decoy to distract Batman from the situation with Penguin. It is going to be interesting how Batman deals with Falcone and the dangerous game he is playing.
  • Emanuel Simeoni brings another different look to the BATMAN ETERNAL series. His artwork is very detailed. His artwork is dynamic and it shows off the characters feelings and personalities…I like that!
  • Tim Seeley script for this issue is exciting and I was immersed into the issue that I could not stop reading. It is energetic and yet it has its dark moments where it gets very serious and the combination of the two is perfect.

Batman Eternal 7


  •  Commissioner Forbes releasing Professor Pyg to make his point that the GCPD do not associate with Batman was stupid. No matter his views on vigilantism, Professor Pyg is still a criminal who needs to be arrested. As a man upholding the law, he should have arrested him first.
  • Some scenes got a little convoluted at times. It felt too much was going on in some scenes and I thought it could have spread out too make it flow better.


BATMAN ETERNAL is finally picking up how I wanted it to, especially in this issue. We are starting to get movement on Falcone’s plans since his return to Gotham at the beginning of this arc and it seems that, as readers, we are in for one hell of a joy ride. This issue is a must read!



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