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It’s no surprise that a new Green Ring wielder would arrive in the wake of FOREVER EVIL, as it was high hinted at during the promotions. But now we know who she is since the reveal JUSTICE LEAGUE #30. Meet Jessica Cruz, paranoid survivalist, wanted fugitive and damned soul, and the newest member of the Justice League.

Power Ring has found it's new...Jessica Cruz!

Power Ring has found it’s new…Jessica Cruz!

The original Power Ring was Hal Jordan of Earth-3, murdered by Sinestro in Forever Evil #5. According to details leaked online, she is helmed as a “Dark Prophet who will force the other members of the Justice League to confront their greatest fears in preparation for a horrific new threat”.

There isn’t really much known about this new character, whether she will be a villain who turns good, or a good girl gone bad. It may just be that she’s an Outlaw, an anti-hero.

Jessica’s arrival was also hinted at in Green Lantern #20 as we see Green Lantern Simon Baz confront this unknown girl, telling her how he understands what it’s been like to be a labelled villain:


In an interview with IGN, Geoff Johns had this to say about the new Power Ring


Power Ring Unleashed!

Power Ring Unleashed!

On the cover is Batman, Lex Luthor, Shazam, Cyborg, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman — our core Justice League team — and then the newest character to add to the DC Universe, the all-new Power Ring. She’ll be introduced post-Forever Evil as the Crime Syndicate’s Power Ring’s ring seeks out a new host and seeks out a very different kind of host for a very different kind of Lantern and chooses somebody, a brand new character we first hinted at her in Green Lantern #20, Jessica Cruz. She’ll become a pretty big player in the post-Forever Evil Justice League world. The Justice League aren’t the only super-team after her, for various reasons. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun when you see the character….There’s a big difference between them. Obviously, we saw Power Ring can get a little over the top…but Harold Jordan from Earth-3 is a natural born coward. He was chosen by the ring because he’s easily manipulated and full of fear and the ring controls its host. It’s more of like a curse. We saw the ring affect Power Ring physically. With the Earth-3 Abin Sur, you can see what it did long-term when you wear the ring. The ring itself, it’s not all about willpower, it’s not channeling anything good. When you charge it, bad things happen. It charges in a very horrible way. All of that is going to befall a young woman we are going to introduce in the DC Universe who is going to be “chosen as the new lucky owner” of this ring.

        –Geoff Johns to IGN

So there’s a lot going on with her character, and there are plenty of directions her character can go. What also works for her is the fact that she will have a different personality than Hal Jordan who was complete coward. This girl is a survivor, and seems to be a bit of a conspiracy theorist. As Johns says, this is a new character who we will be discovering and who will be growing as we get to know her.

Take a quick look as Jessica Cruz as Power Ring:

Power Ring Jessica – It’s a Pretty Cool Design

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