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What a title. Bruce Wayne decides to accompany a shipment of rare fossils over to…actually I don’t think they name Green Hornet’s city in this comic. I believe the Green Hornet operates out of Chicago, but this comic goes out of its way to refer to it as Gotham’s “counterpart”. Along the journey he meets Britt Reed (Green Hornet) and Kato. They’ve obviously worked together before, and they obviously have a few issues to sort out. Bruce seems to have a legitimate grudge against the Hornet, while Britt treats the whole thing as a joke. The train is suddenly stopped in its tracks by a barrage of superglue. Batman, the Green Hornet and Kato all set off to investigate. Batman sends a signal for help to Dick Grayson, who is back in Gotham trying to build a social life. The comic ends with our unnamed villain capturing the Caped Crusader. Also, who knew Bruce Wayne came first in his Natural History class in university?


Batman ’66 is the best comic I don’t read regularly. It’s like a giant bag of peanut M&Ms; great fun but not essential. That said, this was a Batman '66 #1 Areally enjoyable read.

The undisputed highlight of the book is the interactions between Bruce and Britt. We’ve seen many, many superheroes at each others throats. Two superheroes passive-aggressively snarking at each other is much more enjoyable than other “How do I know I can trust you with this power?’ exchange. It’s clearly not going to come to blows, so the book just has fun in the two leads gently mocking each other. Even Kato gets in on the act, wondering why he doesn’t have a catchy nickname.


A subplot involving Dick Grayson’s dating life being threatened by his commitment to crime-fighting veers dangerously close to realism. There’s also not much incident in the book, but franlly ho cares?


BATMAN ’66 is better than I remembered. This book is light, witty fun.



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