by Gregg Hamm
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With another week comes another issue of FUTURES END . While last week’s issue fell short in many spots, this week’s picks up the slack though only slightly. Both new characters, and new subplots are introduced, while previous subplots continue to progress. While I’m still engaged in the series I find myself still yearning for the excitement I felt from the first two issues. I’m hoping this series is simply taking advantage of the weekly format and is taking it’s time to build toward some exhilarating confronThe-New-52-Futures-End-4-Spoilers-Batman-Beyond-Red-Robin-2tations.


Fans of all things S.H.A.D.E, will be happy with this issue. As the cover shows us, Frankenstein comes face to face with S.H.A.D.E.’s newest recruit, Amethyst. It appears a lot has changed with Amethyst within the last 5 years, including the development of a pretty noticeable battle scar and the willingness to maim an old friend.  Another fan favorite character makes an appearance as well. I won’t spoil exactly who it is but I’m certainly looking forward to seeing more of them in this series, no matter how small.

We also get confirmation that the bartender from previous issues is in fact Red Robin, and hes got some beef with Batman. I’m not sure exactly what has caused this rift, or where Batman is for that matter, but this subplot is definitely one of the ones that has got me most intrigued. Lois Lane is the perfect character to be investigating Tim Drake, and I’m really looking forward to see all the secrets she’ll uncover as the series goes on.


While this issue is better then last weeks it certainly isn’t as good as the first two. However I do realize that this is a weekly book so there is bound to be a lot of long term build up to massive events. Its just a shame that the series started off with such a bang, The-New-52-Futures-End-4-Spoilers-Batman-Beyond-Red-Robin-3and now the story has a slower pace. This issue is also almost completely without both Firestorm and Batman Beyond . These are two of the books biggest characters so not seeing them at all is somewhat disappointing.

The books regular writers are joined by artists Art Thibert and Aaron Lopresti. While their art is generally good, there are some panels that appear to be a little “cartoony”. Particularly the scenes at S.H.A.D.ES’s headquarters when Ameythst and Frankenstein interact. The fact that their leader is in the body of a little girl also doesn’t help the “cartoony” feel.


Overall this issue was entertaining. While there could have been more action, plenty of developments were made that adds to the mystery of the series. Plenty of new characters are introduced including some of the unknown characters featured in DC’s teaser image for the series. If you’ve been enjoying the series so far I highly suggest you pick up this issue. If your like me and wasn’t impressed with last week’s issue, then this issue will do a good job of convincing you that things should be picking up again very soon.



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