Hey guys, Darius here, bringing to you my review of SMALLVILLE: LANTERN #12. In the final issue of the SMALLVILLE: LANTERN arc, The Guardians of Oa have a plan to defeat Parallax, but it leaves anyone wearing a yellow power ring dangerously vulnerable! Let’s get right into it with the Positives and Negatives.


  • The artwork done by Marcio Takara is good. I never had a problem with the art because it never reached that point of “great,” but, it’s also never fallen below “good.” It is consistent.
  • The writing is good as well. I especially enjoyed the dialogue exchange between Oliver and Chloe. It felt genuine and natural. So Bryan Q. Miller gets big points for that.
  • I loved the exchange at the end of the issue with Lex Luthor and his employee. I love how he always have a plan, especially in this SMALLVILLE universe. Think about this: Lex Luthor with a team of villains powered by Yellow Lantern rings…Lex would be way too powerful for words!
  • I loved how Superman caught the villains that were falling out of the sky. It just makes me happy how much they captured the personality of Clark from the show into the digital comics period. Clark would always be the one trying to save a villain before letting them die. It is just the type of individual he is and I just loved it.


  • I thought the pacing of this issue was too fast. It could have been stretched out a lot better to make the overall comic flow more smoothly than it did.
  • I felt some scenes did not have enough dialogue. Too many “one bubble” scenes. I would have loved to see more interaction between the characters.
  • I thought how they defeated Parallax was way too fast and way too easy. This is supposed to be the final issue and so the final boss should be defeated in some sort of grand fashion right? Wrong. Instead, he was defeated by a hit from a crane and Superman pushing him into a portal, created by the  Green Lantern Corps, and sent to his home world. The ball was dropped here big time.


As a conclusion to the SMALLVILLE: LANTERN arc, it was okay, but it could have been better. I was hoping for a grander wrap up than what we got. However, it was still exciting, good scenes at times, and wrapped with a good ending scene involving Lex Luthor. I recommend this issue only because it is the final issue in this arc.



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