DC Themed Vinyl Figures

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Harley Quinn

A treat for all you DC Collectible fanatics out there.

Funko, a company known for producing “licensed pop culture toys” are producing toys based on DC Characters. Not just any toys, but “Vinyl AquamanCubed Magnetic Figures”, or vinyl figures, for short. (For those of you who don’t know what vinyl figures are, look to the wonderful images in the articles.)

Each and every figure have removable parts, which you can attach to another figure, magnetically, of course.  Like this quote from ActionFigureFury states, you can mix and match them to make new characters!

Do you know what that means? That means that you will be able to make a SuperBat (Batman meets Superman), JokeStroke (Joker meets Deathstroke), or anything else that your creative mind can come up with. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Sounds awesome, right?

As of now, there are nine cubed figures of DC characters to be shipped out in July. Those characters are: Batman (regular and 1966 version), Robin (1966 version),Deathstroke, Superman, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Black Manta, and Aquaman.

While there is currently no word on when these vinyl figures will be available to pre-order, you can probably expect that to happen in the month of June. Which is only a few days away.

Source: ActionFigureFury

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