Warner Bros Hires Drew Crevello as SVP

by Joey Garces
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Warner Bros has made big waves on Friday by announcing the hiring of Drew Crevello, former VP for 20th Century Fox. It was announced by Greg Silverman, the President of Creative Development for Warner Bros that Crevello will serve as Senior Movie Production Veep.

Drew Crevello Warner Bros

Silverman said the following about Crevello:

“Drew has a long history of developing and guiding character-driven films of every genre, which makes him a great fit for our team. He’s strategic, exceptionally bright and knows firsthand the challenges and rewards of the creative process. We couldn’t be more excited that Drew is bringing all of his talents and skills to Warner Bros.”

Crevello will be tasked with working with the studio’s senior motion picture production team. He will work with directors, writers, and producers on every level there is to making a movie.

This is seen as a big win for WB as Crevello is reportedly highly intelligent in comic books, which can be attributed to the success of his last comic book film X-Men: First Class. He is very popular amongst his peers and colleagues as he is capable of rallying everyone together to make the film making experience amazing.

With the upcoming DC hopeful blockbusters in BvS: Dawn of Justice and the Justice League movie following right after it’s encouraging to see WB bolster the team.

Source: Deadline

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