Hey guys, Darius here, bringing to you my review of JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYOND 2.0 issue #21. Now in this issue, we find Zod battling the Justice Lords and we see the conclusion to Wonder Woman’s story and the truth/reasoning behind her return. Without further ado, the Positives and Negatives!


  • I love the opening scene with Zod and the Justice Lords. It was pretty quick but I love it when a comic opens with some action. Also, because of this scene, we know we are in for one hell of an issue.
  • The artwork done by Dexter Soy is good. I like that the drawing of the characters are detailed. You can see every scar on Black Adam’s face to each emotion that the character is feeling in that scene.
  • Wonder Woman and Superman duking it out! Two of the strongest beings n this universe clashing makes for a very exciting issue. You have Wonder Woman feeling like she gave up everything for Superman, and you have Superman feeling like he can not trust her since her return.
  • Wonder Woman and Lord Superman, husband and wife, about to settle their differences!


  • To me, Wonder Woman’s explanation for returning was a bit confusing. I started to piece everything together near the end of her explanation. However, for the most part it seemed a bit confusing.
  •  Zod is the son of Wonder Woman and Lord Superman from a different dimension. Pretty predictable, if you ask me.
  • This issue left me feeling like it ran out of steam coming off a universe-changer that the last issue brought us readers.


This issue was good. However, this issue just felt like a filler for the finale. I thought this issue was well paced, nice moments of action sprinkled in, and well written by Christos N. Gage. You will enjoy this issue as filler, it is not as good as I thought last issue was, but, it is not a bad issue altogether.



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