Hey guys, Darius here, bringing to you my review of JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYOND 2.0 issue #22. Now in this issue we see Lord Superman vs. Wonder Woman–a husband and wife clash years in the making. Meanwhile, a tempting offer is made to Mr. Miracle. The writing done by Christos Gage throughout this story has been great. The artwork done by Dexter Soy has been really good and it only gets better. I was really looking forward to this issue since last issue was so fantastic. So let’s get into it with the Positives and Negatives!


  • As stated above, Christos Gage writing is strong in this issue, as is throughout JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYOND 2.0. His writing adds a lot of depth to the characters. Almost every scene involving dialogue between his characters always has impact on me. For example, the scene with Lord Superman, Wonder Woman and Zod, little words were really said, but the words that were said was cool and impactful.
  • Speaking of the scene with Zod and his parents, all three of their reactions when he said his name was Zod, and Lord Superman and Zod said: “S-Son!” and Zod said: “Son” my eyes were wide open with excitement. As a reader, I knew eventually they would meet, but I did not see him saving Wonder Woman, let alone finding out he was there son, so soon. The question is…now what? Do Wonder Woman and Lord Superman cease their disputing? What will become of Zod, will he side with his mom or dad? So many questions to be answered and I can not wait to see what is the outcome of this situation!

  • Mr. Miracle’s use of Justice Lord’s Big Barda to escape from jail was pretty messed up and yet it was such an intelligent move. The one thing I observed that I know others  will pick up on is that the Justice League’s Big Barda and his argument. I do not think that what they did was just a good plan on both their parts, I think everything that they said, they meant and it has me questioning what happens with them in the coming issues as well. Again, it was a great plan and I loved that the Christos Gage made that character stoop so low to save everyone.

  • I love the quick little scene with Old Batman and how Gage showed that even at Bat’s old age, he can still outsmart his enemies and that he hasn’t lost a step in his old age. I love how Dexter Soy plays up on all the elements in the Batcave and allow Batman to interact with those elements. He makes the action scenes pop and I eat it up!


No negatives from me.


JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYOND 2.0 #22 continues this Justice Lords arc in great fashion. Christos Gage continues to give us readers a great story with dynamic character interactions while Dexter Soy continues to make the scenes look great and helps drive home the great dialogue with great looking action scenes. I can tell this series is coming to an end soon, and I do not want it to! It is going to be very bittersweet with his ends, but I feel it is going to end on a high note, and you can not help but be excited for that. I highly recommend this issue!



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