Comic Con Special Edition NYC – An Exclusive DCN Insight

by Damian Fasciani
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IMG_3882Hi DC Fans, as part of my trip out to New York City I represented DC Comics News and attended the Comic Con Special Edition Convention over at the Javits Centre.  A well structured and highly organised event overall for Day 1 is the best way to explain the day at a high level. I arrived at 11am and the constant flow of people filling the centre indicated that fans were passionate and intent on getting in early.

With such a broad range of artists, merchandise, and fans dressed as their favourite characters, it was a great experience to be embedded within Pop Culture at its core.

With Adult tickets at $35 each and children at $5 the event is reasonably priced for most people to attend and enjoy. The event paid tribute the 75th anniversary of the Batman with a host of stand up posters at the entrance. Each of which represent a different persona of the Dark Knight across various story arcs and comics.

As part of our visit to the event we had a quick exclusive chat with Andy Diggle and V Kenneth Marion.  Below you can find the quick exclusive interviews we did with both by simply streaming the audio. Both were extremely friendly, and made time to give us the exclusives we asked for. DCN would like to thank both of them for sharing an insight into their world with our fans.


Andy Diggle Exclusive Interview




V Kennith Marion Interview




Throughout the day I looked for some of the best dressed fans and came across these passionate Cosplay people:

Under the Rood Hood!

Under the Rood Hood


Batman Beyond! Was impressed seeing an Aussie there. Thank you!

Harley Quinn and Poison Evy impressed!

Harley Quinn and Poison Evy impressed!

A great event and stay tuned for our report on Day 2.


Damian Fasciani



Official Photography: Denis Parker

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