Arrow Season 3 Rumors/Spoilers

Warning: The following article will have rumors that have possible spoilers for season 3 of Arrow. If you do not want to know possible storylines or character reveals please stop reading this article here.




According to the website, Green Lantern and Ra’s Al Ghul might appear in Season 3 of the hit CW show.

Green Lantern has had its fair share of various easter eggs within the show. The show’s Executive Producer, Marc Guggenheim teased this on his twitter page earlier this year:

The advertisement being for Ferris Air, a reference to Ferris Aircraft, run by Carol Ferris, the love interest of Green Lantern, Hal Jordan. But, that is not the only Green Lantern related news and rumors for Arrow.



There is a theory that Diggle might actually be John Stewart. Diggle just being a nickname/adopted name with his real name being John “Diggle” Stewart. The characters do look similar and the origin is pretty close as well. So could Diggle be John Stewart?




It is also being reported that Mummy star Oded Fehr is in talks for playing Ra’s Al Ghul, who would be the main villain of the season. A possible storyline would be Ra’s hunting down Malcolm Merlyn (played by now season regular John Barrowman) for breaking the code of the League of Assassins. Manu Bennett is also rumored to appear again as Deathstroke teaming with Oliver and the Suicide Squad to help defeat Ra’s Al Ghul.

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