More Details About DC Comics Event with Pre-52

by Alex Yarini
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The website Bleeding Cool earlier this month had reported on a large-scale DC Comic event involving the Pre-New 52 Universe which they dubbed “The Band-Aid Project.”  This event was reported to be one that would pit the New 52 DC heroes against their Pre-52 counterparts. The website’s DC creative force source for this information reported the following:

There still seems to be confusion among editorial, and thus, creators, as to what the title and plot actually are, and it has changed several times.

The current plot might be comparable to Marvel’s Contest of Champions/Secret Wars from back in the day.

As of now, it is intended to be in-continuity and not an Elseworlds-type story.

It will feature some pre-52 characters along with New52 characters. So, apparently, the old pre-52 universe still exists somewhere, although how this is possible without invalidating Flashpoint is not clear.

As of right now, it has nothing to do with Anti-Monitor – many in editorial were surprised when Geoff Johns brought that character back. Some didn’t know about it until that issue was printed. This is not the first time they have been surprised by a plot point in his books…


Now, it would seem that’s not the case. Now Bleeding Cool’s DC Creative insider reports that this isn’t the case at all and that it will be an event including various universes but besides Earth 2, the New 52 would not be represented. This event seems very similar to other DC events in DC Comics history like the DC Event Zero Hour (Pictured above). This event will be released in twenty two-part stories with a weekly over running through two months resulting in 48 issues in all. Dan DiDio and Marie Javins will be announcing more about it at San Diego Comic Con this year.

Source(s): Comics-X-AminerBleeding Cool


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