by Max Eber
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SINESTRO #3, written by Cullen Bunn and art by Dale Eaglesham and Rags Morales is a surprisingly pragmatic and balanced comic. Sinestro-003-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-010

Everyone knows by now that the Sinestro corps means business. I’m still having nightmares relating to the introduction and arc concerning Yellow Lantern Kryb. While still very much ruthless, they are picking up the pieces that the last few arcs have sort of chipped off of Sinestro and Co. And with now having to collect and rescue surviving Korugarian’s (who SURPRISE want little to do with Sinestro, actually that’s putting it mildly; they hate Sinestro) and answer to the outside force of The Pale Bishop and their inquisition, we are strangely enough now hitching a ride in a sort of grey anti-villian territory. Not that Sinestro has been there on and off for a while now; but it is certainly steering in that direction here with the corps.


I actually really liked the pacing here; this issue is not very action heavy; consisting of mostly confrontations and conversations; particularly a big long one between Sinestro and Green Lantern Soranik, Sinestro’s long lost daughter who is sort of but not really but pretty much prisoner or designated liaison. While it’s sort of groan inducing that the green lantern that is accompanying them is his daughter because “family must stick together or you owe them” sort of nonsense but this does indeed make for some interesting writing; their relationship is complicated and that shows very nicely without bowing to most conventions to make it so.

Also considering the return of other live Korugarian’s, keeping them safe is very much in Soranik’s interest as well. And we see this when Sinestro, Soranik and the yellow lanterns interrupt an auction of captured Korugarians for either slavery or some alien’s dinner table. Sinestro is eager to free them and have them come with them, and is confused when they show relluctance to come with him. It’s not until Soranik guarantees that they’ll be safe and she creates a bubble around them do they seem to calm down. This is interesting stuff in that regard! This plus showing how the Sinestro Corps is reacting to Sinestro’s new edicts shows a rather democratic approach to storytelling and that’s really neat.
The art is actually solid and rather pretty so that’s definitely not a negative. It’s not perfect but it’s much better than most comic art. I’m a big fan of stylized palettes and this uses ones in a subtle way.  Hey that’s actually a compliment…actually as this indicates I don’t have much to complain about? This is actually pretty good. I love shades of grey characters and this is proving to fit that perfectly. Whatever The Pale Bishop is I feel like we’ve dealt with stuff like that before but we’ll see.
I say this is pretty good. Not terribly flashy or artistically dynamic in a really fresh way, but solid enough all around I think to be worth picking up? Give it a shot. I mean what’s the worst that could happen? Being possessed by Parallax or something? (oh god no…)

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