Review: GREEN ARROW #33


This month’s GREEN ARROW picks up immediately where last week’s left off. While still dealing with an attack from the Longbow Hunters, Oliver must now also deal with the reappearance of his half-sister, Emiko. Meanwhile Richard Dragon learns the truth behind his dark past from Diggle, his current hostage. The Arrow team is being attacked from all angles, and the momentum of this series shows no signs of slowing down as Green Arrow: Broken continues.


I feel like a broken (pun intended) record every time I review this book, but artist Andrea Sorrentino’s art continues to be breathtaking. While most of the interiors remain consistent with what we’ve seen before, the new trick arrows and trick darts that are introduced allow Sorrentino to really show us what he’s made of. The reappearance of Count Vertigo also helps show another equally imaginative page layout. It’s also interesting to note that Sorrentino seems to be giving the book’s covers different themes during each arc. This really helps individualize the book and will likely make it easier, for people trying to catch up, to know what issues they still need.

Writer Jeff Lemire continues to tell a cinematic story that ties many plot threads together. The way Lemire has constructed his run on the series feels like it would be perfect for an animated television series. Each arc has a primary focus but flows seamlessly into the next arc, similarly to how an animated series would transition from season to season. Lemire continues to draw from the past while introducing new concepts to the series. The connections between the past and present don’t feel forced at all however, and allow for a deep mythos to be built in such a short period. The newly introduced Longbow Hunters also help add to that mythos. Lemire writes the character’s interaction with Green Arrow feel as natural as Batman interacting with  his rogues, even though they aren’t nearly as developed.


While Emiko was introduced as a unique concept, she appears to draw a lot of inspiration from Damian Wayne in this issue. Her childhood has left her extremely lethal, but now she has arrogantly decided to use her skills for the greater good. While the similarities are apparent, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, rather something that could become a bad thing. While I’m sure Lemire has a few surprises up his sleeve, it’s still a little unsettling to see something play out so similarly. On a side note though it could be interesting to see a potential partnership with Damian if (more like when) he is brought back into comics. I think the two could really play off of each other and even develop a strong relationship based on a childhood friendship.


Overall, this was another great issue. Though the parts with Emiko felt predictable and familiar, the issue contained plenty as action that was balanced out with some plot driven narrative. There are lots of developments and even a couple jaw dropping moments. If you a fan of trick arrows and super heroics then this is a definite must read.



Gregg Hamm

Gregg Hamm

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