Arrow’s Felicity Smoak to join New52’s Green Arrow

Most of you have already heard, CW’s Arrow Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg (Green Arrow and Black Canary, Justice League of America’s Vibe) and writer Ben Sokolowski will take over writing duties of the New52’s Green Arrow comic from Comic writer Jeff Lemire (Animal Man, Futures End). News recently broke that Andrew Kreisberg is set to introduce Arrow fan favourite Felicity Smoak into the DC New52’s universe.

With the growing popularity of Emily Bett Rickards’s portrayal of the revamped Felicity for the TV show, she went on and became a series regular for the second season of Arrow.

During recent interviews, Kreisberg went on to say –

When the opening came up it just felt like it was a real opportunity to merge the two worlds, the comic book and the TV show, to maybe bring a few fans of the show who don’t read the comics to the comics and fans of the comics who don’t watch the show to the television.

Reports are that Actress Emily Bett Rickards “was over the moon” after finding out her character will be included into the ongoing series alongside Diggle.




What are your thoughts on Felicty joining the Green Arrow?

Do you think Speedy (Thea Queen) will also be included?

It may well be the closest we get to seeing a shared Arrow universe, and do you think Felicity has enough buzz to bring in Arrow viewers to our much beloved medium?

Share your thoughts.


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