New Lobo Ongoing starting October

by Al Basharu

Yes DC fans you heard right, the main man Lobo is heading to your LCS this October starring in his own book written by Cullen Bunn (Sinestro, Sixth Gun). Lately Lobo has been on everyone’s lips, rumours circulating from either getting his own book to his own standalone Movie. Bunn will be working alongside artist Reilly Brown, who will be making his DC artist debut.




DC comics revealed Lobo will be getting his own series where the two Lobos will finally come face to face, we were introduced to the ‘Real’ Lobo during last September’s Villain’s Month Justice League #23.2.




Reilly Brown, when asked about the character from CBR stated –

When I was in high school, “Lobo” was one of the books that my friends and I passed around the most. We were kind of blown away by a DC character who was so over the top, and not at all in the traditional Superman/Batman mold. There weren’t many of those around back then. I think the part where he surgically altered his brain to constantly play heavy metal particularly sold me.


What do you think of the much anticipated Lobo series coming, and will you be rooting for the ‘Fake’ Lobo or ‘Real’ Lobo?



Check out the entire interview with Writer Cullen Bunn & Artist Reilly Brown in the link below..


Source – CBR

Twitter – @shika1dude @DCComicsNews




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