Arrow’s new episode gets a name.

The first episode of the new season of Arrow has been given a name. This news follows the news of the recent newcomers to the cast. Executive Producer, Marc Guggenheim released the picture of the first page of the script on his own Twitter page. The first episode of season three will written by Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, two of  the most veteran writers in the arsenal of  Arrow writers.
The name of the first episode is “The Calm”. Could this be the calm before the storm cliché in motion? Following on from the recent news of Devon Aoki (Sin City) being cast as Katana and also an old Superman Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) being cast as The Atom this new season looks like it will be anything but calm. The cast seems to be filling up quick, with a hopeful tie in with The Flash show  the new season of Arrow  could be more action packed than the last.

The introduction of Katana is interesting due to her and Black Canary’s relationship due to the Birds of Pray and the introduction of The Atom will make for interesting to the plot for the masked vigilante. And with Stephen Amell saying that Oliver will be more defined and more mature in this season, we hope to see more from him and the rest of the cast.

Arrow season 3 starts with “The Calm” October 8th at 8pm on the CW.

Source: ComicBookNews