Kevin Smith to Address Rumours.


Lots of rumours have been bouncing around the internet about the “script” for Zack Snyder’s Batman V. Superman Dawn of Justice. And tomorrow long-time friend of Ben Affleck, Kevin Smith will address the rumours surrounding the script and the implications made from the wave of rumours following the fake script.


Following the “script” release many rumours concerning the number of villains and sub characters have come to the fold. According to MovieWeb four new villains will join Lex battle against Batman and Superman. And also that the supposed script was written by the one man who has been keeping fans updated with rumours, Kevin Smith.
In a recent tweet Batman-Buff Smith said he would address the rumours around the supposed “script” that was leaked. Some rumours suggest that Warner Bros commissioned Smith to write the said fake script the throw a red herring into the fray, sending the fake script to many major fan outlets online to throw fans off the trail of what Zack Snyder is doing on the real movie.

All may be addressed in the future but all we know is that Kevin Smith will be addressing the rumours soon. Batman V. Superman Dawn of Justice is set to release on May 6th in 2016.

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