Batgirl of Burnside

Following on from the announcement of the new direction and creative team for Batgirl, writers Cameron Stewart, Brendan Fletcher and Artist Babs Tarr made a roll call to fans. It was done off the back of a fan (@ComixBookGirl) who initiated a twitter call for a BatGirl day and since then, the internet exploded with fans/artists creating fan-art of Batgirl’s new look.




An unoffical blog was created by the creative team of Stewart, Fletcher, Tarr and Bellaire on tumblr to list all the different work that came in, and Babs Tarr was kind enough to retweet and favorite the art sent to her via her twitter.

You can find all the great Fan-Art pieces from the link called – Batgirl of Burnside

In the mean time, please feast your eyes on a few of my favorite pieces.




Mike Maihack



Batman Redesign 2014 - still a little rough, but I think it’s gonna work ;P

Michael Kasaboski