Hey guys, Darius here, bringing to you my review of the final issue of this great series, JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYOND 2.0 #24! Now in JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYOND 2.0 #24, Lord Superman is defeated, the League sends the Justice Lords home, and Wonder Woman tries to reconcile with her son, Zod.

Let me just say how much I have loved this whole Justice Lords crossover event. The plot was great, the twists and turns that appeared had me hooked, and the crossing over between Batman Beyond 2.0 and this series is a great way to promote both series. Christos Gage has done an excellent job throughout this series, and even though he had a bit of a challenge in this issue, he executes his writing and ends the story beautifully. Dexter Soy never fails to do a great job on artwork and he finishes off strongly in this finale issue. Let’s get into more detail with the positives and negatives of this issue.


  • In this finale issue, Christos Gage had a bunch of loose ends to tie up this week and he dives into it head first. He opens with sending Lord Superman straight to the Phantom Zone! There, Lord Superman runs into Jax-Ur and you can tell that there is an evil future alliance on the horizon. Next, we see Zod yells at Wonder Woman as she goes to speak to him. The reason why I love this scene is because his anger comes from a logical reasoning. He believes that he has been fine on his own and does not need reconciliation from his mom. You can do nothing but respect that decision. Great job by Gage for not dropping the ball on this scene, and issue, and not making it cheesy and boring.

JLB 2.0-24-05

  • The artwork by Dexter Soy is perfect in this issue as usual. It has always been a perfect fit for this series. He puts so much detail in his characters designs that it makes them almost jump out of the comic. His artwork really is second to none.
  • With this being the final issue of the series, which was confirmed by Gage, a lot of “issues” that we saw over the course of the series was dealt with in the latter half of this issue. You could tell that feelings were hurt during this whole debacle with the Justice Lords and they were. However, by the end, with a defeated Lord Superman in the Phantom Zone, everything went back to “normal” for the Justice League.  I loved the last little monologue by Superman where he says “…the future couldn’t be in better hands.” It was a fitting touch and it made me smile.

JLB 2.0-24-04


  • None from me!


JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYOND 2.0 #24 is a great and fitting end to a great series. It wraps up loose ends and gives us something to look forward to if Christos Gage and Dexter Soy decides to return to this universe. On a side note, I would like to thank Gage and Soy for giving us such a great comic series. With great action and great storytelling, this whole JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYOND 2.0 series has held a special place on my “comics to remember list.”  Anyway, I highly recommend this issue! And my fellow readers, this has been JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYOND 2.0!!

JLB 2.0-24-03