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by Cynthia Ayala
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It has been a while since that tragic day when Grant Morrison took the life of his creation, fan favorite character, Damian Wayne, but since that day, after the mourning period of course, there have been hints as well as the introduction of other viable characters such as Harper and Carrie Reilly to take on the Robin mantle.

Peter J. Tomasi, one of my personal favorite writers, has built up the suspense and the journey for a new Robin, initially with his ‘Hunt for Robin’ story arc that has led to the climatic story Robin Rises, a new two part mini-series that will launch next week in Robin Rises: Omega #1.

The Robin Rises story arc will introduce Batman’s new Robin and will continue through December in the Batman and Robin comic series before finally concluding in Robin Rises: Alpha #2.

Robin Rises: Omega #1

Robin Rises: Omega #1

There’s no confirmation yet if this story is going to resurrect Damian Wayne or give fans and readers a new character, remaining coy with his comment that he’s “binging Robin back”. However, Tomasi is very confident in his story arc saying that it will be a good jumping on point for old readers and new because these two comics (Robin Rises & Batman and Robin) are going to be the only two books that will show the great lengths Batman is going to take to have a Robin back at his side, fighting beside him. Specifically, Tomasi said the following:

“…the opening pages of Robin Rises: Omega gives us a quick recap without getting to bogged down in minutiae and really drives home what’s at stake emotionally and physically for Batman as we spent the next five months on the insane mission of restoring the Dynamic Duo, with the awesome visuals of Andy Kubert and Patrick Gleason. So new readers and even our regular readers can be up to speed and still be plugged into the interpersonal relationships between all the characters of our story”.

  • Tomasi to Newsarama

Just to be clear, there will be no return of Robin in the first issue of Robin Rises, as that seems to be a common confusion (or just a hopeful fantasy – of which I am guilty of). Omega #1 is the launching point that will throw readers into the adventure, the search for a new Robin. Additionally, Future’s End will not play a role in the story, in fact, the only series with arc with connect with will be Justice League, and only because Bruce is going to “consult” with Lex.

Robin Rises: Omega #1 is definitely going to shake things up for Batman and that’s, coupled with the return of a Robin, really what’s going to make this story arc incredibly interesting to read.

I don’t know about any of you, but I’m excited!

Source: Newsarama

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