Gail Simone teases SECRET SIX

by Cynthia Ayala
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Earlier this week Gail Simone posted a huge hint on her next project for DC Comics on her twitter page.  Check out the tweet below:

Gail Simone Tweet

Hmm, could this be the return of the Secret Six?  Let’s see, the tweet contains the word “SECRET” six
times in the post, all in capital letters as well to draw fans to the conclusion that she is bringing back the Secret Six series that was left out of the New 52 launch this far.

Gail-Simone-Secret-SixGail Simone may not have created the Secret Six, but her characterization and the bond she wove between characters in her time on the creative team was amazing.  The series starred a group of mercenaries, who were the occasional villains of DC, containing Bane, Rag Doll, Catman, Deadshot and Vandal Savage’s daughter Scandal Savage.  The story arc’s and the character development between the team members were amazing and for fans, this little tease means a lot.

Simone is leaving the Batgirl comics, where she introduced Secret Six member Rag Doll, due to creative differences with an editor (who is no longer with the company) to work on this new SECRET project.

Of course, new details will arise soon for fans as she continues to talk about the new project in a very SECRETIVE manner.  Just look at these two tweets here:

Gail Simone Tweet 2

Gail Simone Tweet 3

So if you’re one of the lucky people who are going to present at her panel, you’re [hopefully] in for some good news.

I just miss my alternative family, specifically the very strong dynamic between Bane, Catman and Black Alice. Additionally, this would be an amazing chance for her to start the series her way and reintroduce characters who are missing in the New 52, the way that she has intended.

I will say this however: can this team be on Earth 2 please, Huntress and Catman belong together.

Source: Twitter, Digital Spy, The Outhousers

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