Will the Joker be in every episode of Gotham?

In a recent look at the Gotham pilot we see Fish Mooney and Cobbelpot being entertained by a stand-up comedian in Fish Mooney’s club. And going from his sense of humour could this have been our first look at The Joker in Gotham?


Jon Beavers was the man who played to Stand-up jokester in the pilot and according to the Gotham IMDb he is only named as “Comedian”. News has also come to light about how the character will be introduces into each episode.

Could this be Gotham’s Joker?

In every episode there will be a person introduces that has a part if the personality of the Clown Prince of Crime be it a card sharp, a flower seller, a clown, or just a guy with a very big grin.

The Joker
This persona of Joker, being a stand-up comedian, could be a direct draw from the world famous graphic novel “The Killing Joke” where the reader gets a look at the Jokers origin where he is a failed comedian and being lured into a life of crime.

Gotham is to be released on the 22nd of September later this year.

Source: Bleeding Cool