Review: SUPERMAN #33

by Lachlan R
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Clark goes to Perry White and the Daily Planet in order to learn more about Ulysses’s backstory. Meanwhile Ulysses explores his birth planet, and both superheroes end up learning something shocking about Ulysses’s parents…


It’s just so good to see the staff at the Daily Planet used and used well. Not that I was particularly missing them, but most writers put them in because they’re part of the Golden and Silver Age canon, not because they have good stories to tell. Here, they are the highlight of the book. I think Geoff Johns must have a special place in his heart for Perry White. His discussion with his staff about their struggle to cover the latest Superman battle was fun and a good look on the effect of super-heroics on ordinary people. His obvious fatherly feeling for Clark Kent was also touching. Thanks to Perry’s machinations, it looks like Clark is well on his way to being back at the Planet. (I wonder how Scott Lobdell feels about everything he did on the title being slowly peeled away?)

Speaking of Clark, how good was it to see him smile? His obvious happiness at reuniting Ulysses with his parents was neat. It was also satisfying to see the Planet’s awe at Clark being able to get an interview with the mysterious new superhero. Superman’s civilian side isn’t often seen scoring victories, so treasure the moment everybody.


During the Daily Planet meeting it’s mentioned that Superman’s battle with Titano produced the equivalent carbon emissions of “one week of consecutive gridlock in Metropolis”. How? Is Titano the Super-Ape diesel -powered? Does Superman emit copious amounts of noxious fumes? It feels like Geoff Johns is trying to tie in a hot-button topic without putting in any effort.

This only struck me on the second read, but it bothered me that Perry White was so desperate to get Clark back at the Planet. It’s natural he’d want his friend and ace reporter back, but why would he dismiss his everyone else on his staff with “I’m drowning in mediocrity, Kent” and other comments? He has Lois! And all the other resources of one of the most respected newspapers on the planet! (He also has Cat Grant apparently. When did she go back to the Planet? Did I miss something?) Does Clark hold the entire company on his shoulders?

Awful John Romita Jr. Art of the Month:

Making a cameo in this month’s SUPERMAN is the rarely seen Spherical Boy. The Spherical BoySpherical Head was the offspring of an ordinary Metropolis human and a magic bowling ball. (It’s Metropolis. It barely made page sixteen.) Hence the Spherical Boy is forced to go through life with a freakishly round head, enduring the mockery of his fellow citizens. Hopefully Superman can teach him to believe in himself.


SUPERMAN #33 tells us Geoff Johns is writing a smarter, happier SUPERMAN title. This is going to be fun.



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