First Look at “Batman Earth One” Volume 2

by Alex Yarini
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With this year marking the 75th Anniversary of Batman, it seems as though DC is pulling out all the stops for their Dark Knight Detective’s celebration. So it’s only natural for the character to be given a proper celebration at San Diego Comic Con this weekend, and to start off, Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics, Geoff Johns tweeted earlier this week that new art by Gary Frank would be  revealed for “Batman Earth One” Volume 2 written by Johns with art by Frank.

Today it seems like the party has already started with the art being revealed by DC, who shared several penciled illustrations from the book. The images seem to all be from one scene from the second Volume of Earth One, and show the Caped Crusader doing battle with the villain Killer Croc. This scaly adversary also has a design that looks closely similar to that of the illustration of the character by Don Newton, the original artist of Croc.Batman Earth One Volume 2

This book has been on DC’s “to-do list” since March earlier this year as Co-Publisher Dan DiDio revealed DC’s commitment to the Earth One books by stating the importance of the line:

 I think [the line of Earth one books is] very important, because it allows us to tell stories with our primary characters at a different style and pace than we normally do in the periodicals. When you’re reading books in 20-page increments, or a little bit more than that, there’s a certain style of storytelling, a certain expectation per issue. But when you’re telling a full, complete story, you have a chance to really roll it out and really build to major crescendos, and take your time to develop bits and pieces of the characters in a way that really is much more expansive than allowed in the regular periodicals.

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DC has announced earlier this year that “Teen Titans: Earth One” will be released in  November by the creative team of writer Jeff Lemire and artist Terry Dodson. Accompanying that shortly thereafter in 2015 will be a third volume of the popular “Superman: Earth One” from the returning writer of J. Michael Straczynski and a new artist, Ardian Syaf. A “Wonder Woman: Earth One” from writer Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette has also been announced and is currently being worked on, however a release date has yet to be released from DC.

Source: Comic Book Resources

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