Gotham extended look may have had the Joker

Did you catch it? Fox revealed a new extended trailer for their upcoming show Gotham and with it a beautiful red smile that screamed Joker. It finally happened, we got our first glance at the Joker.

Sort of. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

The shot is just past 0:38 in the trailer, and has a blood smeared smile on a white backdrop with two dark dots to reveal the eyes. At first it takes on the appearance of a man smearing red in the form of a smile onto the white canvas before cleverly moving forward to reveal Gordon and Bolluck lifting up the white to see the crime. But that was the first glimpse, the first showcase that the Joker will be in the show.

There is no word yet on who he will be but the Death in the Family did reveal a lot about the Joker so that brings about many possibilities as far as what the creatures can do with his character without tarnishing it and upsetting fans. For many who read the Death in the Family, readers actually got to see snippets of his character and of his past from scrounging around like lot orphan kid to his time where he lived with his aunt who was downright crazy, cleaning him in bleach. Then in the Zero Year, we got to see him before he was the Joker. He was a gangster, leader of the Red Hood Gang. Don’t you just love the symmetry, the connectivity between him and the bat family? I do so love the Joker.

The Dark Knight's Joker
The Dark Knight’s Joker

But I digress, that picture, that shot, literally paints a red smile almost made out of blood that is so reminiscent of Nolan’s Joker marketing for The Dark Knight.

As much as I would love to have the Joker, I am personally apprehensive about it because they have to get the right actor and they have to write it well. Personally, I would love to see a teen as the role because in the comics, while his age is unknown, he seems to be close in age to Batman, maybe a little older. And he has to dangerous and funny, without trying too hard to be either. That’s my two-cents on the matter.

Check out the trailer below

Source: IDN Live, Comic Book Blog