Salvatore “The Boss” Maroni Joins Gotham

by Nikki Fleming
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Salvatore “The Boss” Maroni is one of the toughest gangsters in Gotham. One of the biggest criminals in Gotham will be played by former “Dexter” actor David Zayas. David Zayas is also known for his roles in “Oz”, “The Expendables”, and “16 Blocks”.

Salvatore Maroni

David will be playing Salvatore Maroni, who is best known for disfiguring Harvey Dent’s face, helping him transition into Two-Face. Two Face has been confirmed to be in season one of “Gotham”, but there has yet to be an actor cast for the part.


In season one Salvatore is going to be in a struggle with Carmine Falcone for power over Gotham. There is also no word on if we will see Carmine Falcone in “Gotham” or who will be cast for the part. If you could choose one villain to be added into the Fox Tv show “Gotham” who would you choose? “Gotham” premiers on Fox September 22.  

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