Review: GREEN ARROW #34


The creative team of Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino deliver an epic finale to their critically acclaimed run on GREEN ARROW. To fans, their rebranding of the character is considered to be his true introduction to the New 52. This run will likely go down as one of the best GREEN ARROW runs in history, and the finale definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Positives  GA-34-5-35052

This single issue is jam packed with all of the elements that have made the series great so far. Writer Jeff Lemire creates a relationship between Olivier and Diggle that feels natural and different from Arrow. Their differences in personality and execution give each other contrast and allow each character to individually shine brighter than they would alone. Their relationship feels different than it does on Arrow, but is similar enough to appease both the fans that want the comic like the show, and those that want them separate. Their banter flows well and feels natural, and is reminiscent to a Lethal Weapon movie. In fact, it would have been great, at some point, to see Diggle say “I’m too old for this sh*t!”

Emiko and Richard Dragon also stand out in this issue. This is easily the most likeable Emiko has been portrayed in the series so far, and becomes a welcomed addition to the supporting cast. Dragon on the other hand, tries hard to make you hate him. His arrogance could have easily been annoying, but fortunately he brings the moves to back it up. He not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk as well and defines himself as lethal rogue within the DC universe.

Artist Andrea Sorrentino holds nothing back for his grand finale. Many of the techniques he used throughout the series make their final appearance, and allow this book to standout artistically as well. Sorrentino depicts gun fire, superpowers, thought, and drama in a unique way that truly shows he’s a force to be reckoned with.


Very little too complain about here. The confrontation with Dragon seems to end abruptly and felt like it needed a few extra pages. Unfortunately because ofGA-34-1-fdae1 the books sales it’s likely that an extra sized issued wouldn’t have been an option. My only other issue is that this team is ending their run. In past interviews it seemed like Lemire had more plans for the character so it’s a bit confusing to see him leave. This is likely a case of low sales mixed with other priorities for all parties involved in the series. It makes sense to bring in the shows executive producers to attract new readers; though it’s hard to imagine their run living up to the high standards Lemire and Sorrentino have set. With both team members taking on projects outside of DC, I’m fearful that there may have been a falling out with editorial. If DC were smart they would get them working on a new series immediately. A new Captain Atom? A New Outsiders book? The possibilities are endless for these two.


Do I really have to say it? This issue was fantastic. Usually a dialogue heavy issue like this can be boring but I was glue to every page. The characters all shined and the art was better than ever. The creative team’s departure is the biggest problem with this book. I’m so distraught about it that I’m tempted remove a star from what is otherwise a near perfect review.



Gregg Hamm

Gregg Hamm

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