The Title “Dawn of Justice” implies that the Batman v Superman movie coming in March of 2016 will feature other members of the Justice League and will serve as a way of introducing them into the DC Cinematic Universe. With the rumors of Aquaman’s appearance in Dawn of Justice, it seems speculation has risen even higher. A reliable fansite Batman-On-Film has said that Aquaman is “Indeed in the film” and “Recently conducted some sort of film test on a water set.” Batman-On-Film quoted as saying that Aquaman has a “Very small role”. Which could mean that the most plausible scenario would be that Aquaman will have a cameo that will tease the fans about the upcoming Justice League film


At this point, we are all aware that a Justice League live-action movie is inevitable but it’s really more of a matter of “Which members of the League other than Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman will be in the movie”? Cyborg (Ray Fisher) will have a role in the film as well as Lex Luthor (Jessie Eisenberg), who is set to be the main antagonist. But the rumor that is currently poking at people’s minds is if Aquaman will appear in the Man of Steel sequel and if so, will he be played by actor Jason Momoa, as the rumors have been dictating for the past few months?


All we really have to go on for this particular rumor is just that. Rumors. Perhaps the water set was meant for some other purpose in the film (Bat-shark repellent?). One thing we can do, other than waiting to see the film itself is keep an eye out for new updates as DC Comics News gains more on the story.


Source(s): Cinema Blend, Batman-On-Film