Next DC Variants are Halloween Themed

DC has already released the photos for their Lego themed variants and their 3-D Motion variants coming in the next month for Future’s End.  But now they are adding Halloween themed variants for the month of October!

The newest DC Variants will turn all of our favorite heroes and villains into monsters of the night coupled with frightening and spooky backgrounds.  The first round of covers were released earlier this week by Buzzfeed, but since then, more have surfaced.

Some of the artists involve on the project are Neal Adams, Rafael Albuquerque, Chris Burnham, Jason Pearson and Aaron Lopresti.   These covers are both sun and intersting, interlacing classic Hollywood monsters with the DC characters perfectly.

Vampires, mummies and werewolves – oh my!

The monster mash-up theme depicted is both interesting and fun, and for those (like myself) who treasure Halloween above all the other holidays, this is certainly a treat.

Check out the reimagined monsters below that combine our favorite DC Comics and twist them up with some of Hollywood’s classic monsters.

While most of them have this perfect monster theme, the Halloween Variant of Wonder Woman #35 makes her look like a sexy Elvira.


Source: Comic Book Blog, Buzzfeed, Comic Book Resources, Bleeding Cool