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Klarion the Witch Boy will make Gotham City his playground this October courtesy of Ann Nocenti and artist Trevor McCarthy“Klarion” will deal with the existence of two schools that seek out and recruit young magic wielders and use them for their own ends. This series will be layered in occult history and will explore and flesh out the magical world of the DCU.

Klarion the Witch Boy

Klarion the Witch Boy

Nocenti talked with io9 about the “Two Schools”:

“Coal and the Necrots believe in the power of technology. Piper and Noah believe in the pagan power of the planet,” Nocenti goes on to say “Coal has a heavy metal club, The Necropolitan, and techo and metal music are part of his power. There will be intense battles between these wizards, and all the characters have secrets. Deep secrets. Coal is a talented novice of Techno-Wizardry. He lives in a computer graveyard, a techno breeding ground. Coal needs technology to thrive and be powerful, just as Klarion needs the planet to be healthy in order for him to draw on his pagan powers. Coal and Klarion are in a battle for the health (or death) of the planet.”

The Cast of Klarion

Guests will include Zatanna, The Demon and Gotham’s own Spectre.  Klarion will be joined by his familiar, Teekl and will debut in Teen Titans: Futures End #1  due September 2014 followed by his very own series in October.

Klarion the Witch Boy is the creation of Jack “King” Kirby and originally debuted in The Demon #7 (1973).

The Demon #7 1973

The Demon #7 1973

Kirby based Klarion’s likeness on Comic-Con kid Barry Alfonso.

Barry Alfonso and Kirby

Barry Alfonso and Jack Kirby

Klarion is a skilled sorcerer, specializing in black magic. His powers include energy blasts, mind control, illusions and telekinesis. He is able to transform into Horigal. His familiar Teekl can transform into a were-creature.

Demon #7

Demon #7

Source: CBR, io9





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