DC Releases ‘Batman & The Flash: Hero Run’ Mobile Game

DC Entertainment has officially released a new mobile game for Android and iOS systems.  The “infinite running” game, Batman & The Flash: Hero Run features characters from the Bat-family and the Flash-family running through the streets of Gotham City and Gorilla City as they battle Gorilla Grodd and the Joker.

Batman Flash

The Joker has taken over Arkham Asylum and released all the prisoners, while Gorilla Grodd has seized control of Gorilla City. Batman & The Flash must fight to save these two cities before it’s too late.

Batman flash joker

Playable characters include Batman (black/grey suit, blue/grey suit, & wing armor suit), The Flash (Barry Allen, Wally West, & Black Flash), Catwoman (current suit & purple suit), The Joker (classic suit & The Dark Knight Returns suit), Grodd (Gorilla Grodd & King Grodd), Nightwing, and Heatwave.

You start the game as The Dark Knight, running through the streets of Gotham, collecting coin, dodging obstacles, and taking out bad guys. It’s a fun game for anyone who enjoyed other “infinite running” games such as Temple Run, Minion Rush, or Sonic Dash.

The game is free to download and is available right now through Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes.

Not convinced?  Check out the trailer below:


Source: Comic Book Resources