New Wonder Twins New & Improved?

Old fashioned Wonder Twins

Wonder Twin powers activate – or not. Everyone knows who the original Wonder Twins are. They are twins, Zan and Jayna from the planet Exxor who first made their debut in The All-New Super Friends Hour in 1977. When they touched fists and said “Wonder Twin Powers Activate!” Zan would turn into any form of water while his sister, Jayna, would transform into any animal. These two are the pair of characters, much like the playful Harley Quinn, who became fan favorites allowing them to find a place in the DC Comic universe.

The Wonder Twins on Smallville Season 9

Of course, they were also shown in the Smallville season 9 episode “Idol” that had David Gallagher as Zan and Allison Scagliotti as Jayna. It was a fun episode that drew have the viewers a lot of comedy while keeping the characters attached to their extraterrestrial roots.

The New 52 Wonder Twins in the pages of Justice League 3000

But now, in the new 52, they have found their places again in the comic book universe, and they are not the same. These wonder twins are the handlers of the new Justice League in the new, and very funny, series Justice League 3000. They are Teri and Terry, two super geniuses that work for Cadmus, but what first seems like a loving relationship between the pair takes dark turn when Terry (brother) snaps his sisters’ neck!

That was one heck of a jaw-dropping moment.

However, that was not the last of Teri as she was brought back to live with the powers of Flash. See, that’s just where I have some problems. Personally, I get why they gave her the speed, because she needs to fight her brother, but I think she should have been given the powers of Beast Boy! The comical vibe in this series allows so much and since her brother has been established as being the villain, it would be hilarious for him to have the power of turning into any form of water. Let’s be honest, that’s a pretty lame power overall and would make for him to be a pretty lame villain. The foundation of the series as a whole is hilarious, the team dynamics, Superman talking in third person (and added narcissism), coupled with the teeny-tiny Green Lantern makes for a very fun series. I just think that it would add some more humor if she could turn into any animal and he could only turn into any form of water because he could never win! It could even be a mistake. His minions are all idiotic brutes so even that could be funny, the process of how he gets the powers.

Teri and Terry should just have the powers of the original Wonder Twins, it would add so much comical value to the series as a whole, especially now since one is a hero and the other is a villain. That’s just me though.