Review: BATMAN ’66 #41

by Lachlan R
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With the Bat-Robot smoothly handling crime-fighting in Gotham, the Dynamic Duo take a well-deserved rest. But with the Riddler and the Joker teaming up, is the city really safe without them…?


So we come to the end of the “Bat-Robot” storyline. I’ve liked quite a lot of things about this storyline, most particularly Batman’s lack of angst about being replaced. Instead of worrying if there’s a place for him anymore, Bruce Wayne finally Batman 2takes his youthful ward fishing like he’s been pretending to do for years. He’s perfectly happy to let technology take its proper course. Many of these types of stories frame new technology as evil, so it’s refreshing to get a change of attitude.

The Bat-Robot is a hoot. It not only looks great, but carries itself with the same mix of affable courtesy and barely-restrained passion as Adam West. I was sorry to see it go at the end of the issue.

The Joker and the Riddler’s scheme for defeating the seemingly invincible robot was actually pretty clever (especially for BATMAN ’66 villains). It’s great to see these campy characters get their mastermind on. I like seeing a hero use their brains, but a good villain plot will suffice.


Batman and Robin defeat the Joker/Riddler alliance with only two thrown Batarangs. It’s not only a disappointing resolution to the story, but it also undermines its moral. If you want to establish the supremacy of man over machine, don’t go with “can throw a Batarang.”

(And now I can’t help but imagine Batman resolving the “ZERO YEAR” storyline by simply hitting the Riddler with a Batarang.)


BATMAN ’66 #41 is an entertaining conclusion to the Bat-Robot storyline.





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