21-Minute Trailer reveals more about Gotham

by Cynthia Ayala
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By now, everyone knows that Gotham is the batman prequel, a show that is exploring the unexplored and not only following young Bruce Wayne after the murder of his parents before his eyes but it’s also exploring the characters before they became the characters we know them as.

The 21 minute video below interviews most of the cast and explains just what their goal is with this prequel show as it picks vital characters and shows these pivotal moments in their lives. One of the relationships that the producers and writers want to ground in the show is the relationship between Gordon, a rookie cop on the scene of the death of the Wayne’s and Bruce. This isn’t new as Nolan did that in Batman Begins, but the goal is to give it more depth so that viewers can truly see why Bruce admires Gordon so much.

Another essential part of the show is showing why Gotham is so damaged and dark. The writers and the producers want to explore that avenue and who the foundation of all the madness that sprouts up in the forms of masked crusaders and mad men.

This preview special also gives an insight into the actors and the characters. In the video, Ben McKenzie has described his character as a “fish out of water” putting him in precarious situations because this is not the Gotham he remembered from his childhood. It’s a fresh take on his character because fans of Batman comics has always seen his character as so sure of his place in Gotham city, knowing exactly where he is going to stand on crime, corruption and madness around him.

I don’t want to spoil the video for any of you because it’s very interesting to watch and hear what the creators, writers and cast want to explore in this show. They are introducing new fans and old into these iconic characters and it’s amazing to be frank. Check it out.

Gotham: The Legend Reborn 21-Minute Preview

Gotham: The Legend Reborn 21-Minute Preview

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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