Review- THE NEW 52: FUTURES END #17

by Gregg Hamm
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Finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for. This week’s issue of FUTURES END answers the question many readers have been asking since the start of the series. Who is the masked Superman? Believe it or not this one of two big Superman reveals in the issue. Seemingly unrelated plot lines are slowly merging together as this series shifts into its next phase.


Who could it be? Captain Atom, Val-Zod, Superboy, Shazam, or maybe even regular old Superman under that mask? The overwhelming amount of possibilities made this plot-line interesting although stagnant at times. The reveal is placed in an emotional and action packed sequenced that will likely leave readers wide-eyed with excitement. While the reveal may have been obvious to some more than others, the way it waFUTEND-17-11-ca180s executed was spectacular. Writers Brian Azzarello, Keith Giffen, Jeff Lemire, and Dan Jurgens brilliantly end the slow build up with a single explosive moment, and give the readers exactly what they’ve been waiting for. This issue also ends on a high note with another intense Superman reveal. Again the execution here was well done. The seemingly irrelevant storyline is now brought to the forefront with a reveal that ties directly into the issue’s previous revelation.

Major steps forward are made on Cadmus Island as well, as the tables begin to turn. Stealth O.M.A.C’s and a potential prison break add mystery and excitement to a storyline that was beginning to lose my interest. Again, this is a case of something we knew was going to happen, finally happening. Fortunately the execution turns what could have been predictable into another riveting moment.

Also, it’s finally acknowledged  that someone being responsible for Green Arrow’s death. It’s been ridiculous how little the League cares about him dying in this series so it’s nice to see someone looking into it.


Superman has been getting completely manhandled by Rampage for the last three issues. In this issue Lois Lane takes a hit from this iFUTEND-17-12-51d1encredibly powerful monstrosity, and essentially just walks it off. I felt like this scene should have been though through more since it clearly doesn’t make a lot of sense. I’m sure with a little bit of collaboration a solution could have been found that is both realistic and beneficial to the plot.

Again Rampage has been written in a way that makes the character very one-dimensional. I realize it was all to lead up to the Superman reveal but it would have been nice to have the character be more than a brute as well. Rampage was good enough to get the job done, but wasn’t great enough to earn a promotion.


This issue is a huge step up in terms of pacing and action. Excitement and mystery fills every page, and many long-awaited moments finally happen. Hopefully this issue kicks off a second phase for the series, and leaves the slow-paced ways of the past behind them. While a few things prevent this issue from being perfect it certainly gets close. If I had the ability to add a half star I most certainly would.



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