Supergirl TV Series Being Developed

The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Warner Bros. Television is forming a team with Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler in order to adapt the popular DC Comics superhero, Supergirl for a television series. Berlanti is known as the co-creator and producer of The CW’s Arrow and incoming series The Flash. Adler is expected to pen the script for the show with Berlanti alongside him to produce using his Berlanti Productions banner. Adler and Bertlanti have worked together on a previous superhero television show. A drama/comedy that aired on ABC, No Ordinary Family. Deadline reports that the show is “Indeed in production and has been for a long time”.


Supergirl in asteroid field

DC Comics’ Geoff Johns is also rumored to have a hand in the project. Johns is of course, an executive producer for The CW’s Arrow and The Flash. That would imply that Supergirl will be joining these two in their exploits. However, it is unknown if Supergirl will air on The CW to interact with the two series’ and its characters. The two series’ are developed by Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment, which also are responsible for the approaching Batman prequel Gotham which is set to air on FOX and NBC’s Constantine and Hellblazer.


Much speculation surrounds this project and other DC live-action television productions and not much is known about this one in particular. But this could prove to be another step in the right direction for DC/WB. Supergirl is seen by many as simply a female extension of her cousin, Superman. Though, throughout the many years she, as well as other superheroines, have proven themselves otherwise. A female leading role would be a very welcome sight to see.


Source(s): The Hollywood Reporter