Baltimore Comic-Con 2014 Day 1

Baltimore-Comic-ConBaltimore Comic-Con opened it’s doors promptly at 1:00 pm Friday afternoon (12 noon for VIP badge holders). There were 2 occasions being celebrated this year by Baltimore Comic-Con founder Marc Nathan. His comic shop “Cards, Comics and Collectibles” is celebrating an impressive 30th year in business, as well as Baltimore Comic-Con’s 15th year. You can check out their site here: Cards, Comics & Collectibles



The Baltimore Comic- Con was massive, Over 250,000 sq ft ( Not including the panel rooms on the upper levels)! the layout was the best layout I’ve ever seen!  Double wide aisles big enough to accommodate traffic from both sides, shoppers and bulky cos-players. All the “Minions” (volunteers) I encountered were enthusiastic and extremely helpful! One instance in particular, a gentlemen walking into the con asked a Minion where he could find Walter Simonson’s table. Instead of just pointing in a direction, the minion personally escorted this man to the line, smiled and asked “Is their anything else I could do for you?” the man said “No, that was it!” and the minion replied with “well, have a great con!” and went back to his duties.

Hour before start of show!
Hour before start of the show!

I walked around checking for deals in the retailer area. I picked up some DC Comics Archives and Marvel Masterworks to fill in some holes. I also picked up some “Batman 75th” and various “DC Bombshells” Toon Tumblers.

Batman 75th
Batman 75th


I cut my shopping short to take in the “Spotlight on Greg Capullo” panel, hosted by superstar artist Dave Finch. Check out the panel for yourself below!

Greg talks about his decision to move to DC and how he came to illustrate Batman.

Greg talks about working with Scott Snyder, his artistic style and takes questions from the crowd. Greg’s wife joins him on stage briefly to tell him people are on Twitter saying he’s quitting Batman in 16 issues. Greg simply said his contract is up in 16 issues. Will he renegotiate a new contract for Batman or will he move on to another character? He does mention wanting to return to his creation “The Creech” with Snyder on writing duties. After the panel Greg was nice enough to take pics and talk with his fans, he even signed a few things.

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Thomas ODonnell

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