Live Action Teen Titans Comes To TNT

by Roemello Mckay

TNT is getting in on the superhero franchise. The television channel is teaming up with Warner Bros. and the two are in the process of making a pilot episode for “Titans”.  A live-action TV drama based on the popular 1980’s comic series titled “The New Teen Titans” that focuses attention on the young superheroes of the DC Comics Universe.


The New Teen Titans Judas Contract

With the success of shows like Arrow and the development of upcoming shows The FlashConstantine, Gotham and others, it seems that Warner Bros. Entertainment is determined to dominate the vast world of prime time television. Most fans still remember the insanely popular animated series that aired on Cartoon Network some few years ago. Though fans who watched the previous animated series do not appear to be too fond of the new series titled Teen Titans GO!, the Titans now have a new chance to get fans back on board with the franchise.

The show is set to revolve around Dick Grayson, the first of Robins who eventually goes on to strike out on his own and become the acrobatic superhero, Nightwing. Variety has pinpointed Starfire and Raven as other members of the team who will appear.

The pilot is reportedly being written by Avika Goldman (Batman & Robin) and Marc Haimes (The Last Word). The two have been said to be executive producer and co-executive producer with Warner Horizon Television producing.

But if this does lead to an entire series based on the The New Teen Titans, or one of the other incarnations of the superhero team, who will the actors be who portray the team’s roster? Sometime last year, actor Steven McQueen (Vampire Diaries) uploaded a photo of himself via Twitter, sporting a black tank top with the Nightwing insignia on the chest which he captioned “Nightwing training”. Many fans believed it meant that Nightwing would appear on Arrow but this could be the role he was referring to.Steven McQueen Though, he could have just been expressing his love for his favorite superhero. His character on The CW’s Vampire Diaries is still alive and well and a role of this caliber might lead to conflicting schedules and other issues.

Who would you, the fans like to see cast as the group of superheroic youngsters? Are you looking forward to what may spawn from this work in progress? I know I am.

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