As Cumberbatch rumors abound, a recent interview with E! Entertainment Television sets the record straight. Cumberbatch said, “Let the rumor mill run! I don’t know, this is the second time I’ve heard these rumors. I love rumors.” So . . . you heard it here, you can put rumors to rest . . . Cumberbatch will not be in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Now the remaining question is whether he will be in an upcoming Justice League movie and which character will he play? The Rumor Mill, as Cumberbatch stated, has been speculating whether or not he will play Martian Manhunter, a good guy, or Brainiac, a bad guy. We could make a movie just based on which would be a more appropriate roll for Cumberbatch entitled: Superhero v Villain. Or as the pictures I put together show, Nice Guy v Bad Guy! So what do you think?


Does Cumberbatch make a better bad guy, or nice guy? Really, he can do either or, he’s just that good. But I happen to like him for the role of villain, Brainiac. With Cumberbatch’s deep, rumbling voice, pouty lips, (sorry dudes, this is for the ladies), and that smoldering stare of his, he makes a villain a girl could love to hate and love again.


Yes, love is strange like that. Get over it.


Now, how about him as Martian Manhunter? Honestly, I just can’t see it. Of course, he could prove all of us wrong, and I’d love to see him try. Yet, MMH is usually portrayed in both pen and plastic as being a rather muscular martian . . . and frankly, Cumberbatch is more brain than brawn. Which is quite all right with me. Intelligence is sexier than muscles. Am I right ladies? Who would you rather be with? The green dude, or the green dude?

Admit it, Brainiac is a little easier on the eyes than Mr. Martian. Even better would be brains and brawn . . . but I digress. Back to my debate about Mr. Cumberbatch. Here are a couple of mock-up pics I found of potential Martian Manhunter’s. The Rock, A.K.A. Dwayne Johnson would make a much better Martian Manhunter if we’re looking at physique alone. I’m not entirely certain he has the brains to fill the roll, but the brawn part he has in spades. Cumberbatch would have to put on about fifty pounds of muscle to look anywhere near as good in Martian Manhunter’s costume as depicted in the center photo.

Cumberbatch as MMH
Martian Manhunter
The Rock as MMH

However, Cumberbatch as the witty and genius detective on the BBC’s Sherlock Holmes is more than enough evidence to prove that he would be well matched as monsieur Brainiac. Look at this next pic and tell me you can’t see it. The resemblance here is uncanny.



There is still much speculation swirling about in regards to the perspective Justice League movie, as Batman v Superman filming is well underway. We are certain to see and hear a great deal more from fans and news media alike as we near the 2015 release date for Dawn of Justice. Since Cumberbatch “loves” rumors, I’ll be counting them right along with him as we move towards a potential Justice League movie. Some of which, is sure to include which league members will make the cut.

Going by new standards, Martian Manhunter is not, I repeat not a founding member of the league. Where and why all the speculation about his appearance in the movie is coming about, I personally don’t get as they will most likely go with the New 52. As long as the Super Seven are involved and my beloved Benedict Cumberbatch gets to portray Brainiac (to fulfill my twisted fantasy), then I’ll be a happy camper. Twisted fantasy aside, I’m not sure I care if Martian Manhunter makes the cut or not. And with that, I leave you with an image to dream about.




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