Felicity Works for Kord Industries

by Nikki Fleming
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kord industries In the newest issue of Arrow 2.5 it was revealed that Felicity Smoak, Green Arrow’s computer genius, has been working for Kord Industries. She reveals this to the audience anyways, as the other characters didn’t seem shocked. A recent trailer shows her working for Tech Village, but she just says “Kord”. It is unsure at the moment is this means she was working for Kord and is now working for Tech Village or is Kord owns Tech Village.

It was revealed that Ray Palmer, a key player in the upcoming season of Arrow, will own his own tech company. The plan was to use Ted Kord in the upcoming season, but Warner Bros and DC Entertainment said he couldn’t be used for the story line becuase there were other plans for him. There is a rumor that since the headquarters of Kord Industries has appeared in a promotional poster for The Flash that Ted would be making at appearance there.

kord industries

Arrow will return with season 3 on October 8th, the same day this issue will be available at comic book stores.

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