First look at Decembers Gotham Centric Covers and Solicits

by Cynthia Ayala
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Next month new creative teams are coming to numerous Bat-family titles, new titles included. Just in time for Halloween.

Below is the gallery of cover art for the December solicits. Considering the outpour of Gotham centric, fans will be getting a double dose of the Dark Knight and a deeper view into the world around him. Let’s go over the specifics.

Gail Simone is departing BATGIRL, returning to SECRET SIX. Taking over the BATGIRL comic will be Camero Steward and Brenden Fletcher on writing and Babs Tarr on artwork. For Steward, this is a no brainer as he has worked on other Bat-Family titles such as CATWOMAN and BATMAN AND ROBIN.

While CATWOMAN writer Ann Nocenti is moving on to KLARION THE WITCH BOY, fantasy author Genevieve Valentine will be taking on the title in her first attempt at comic book writing. Hopefully she’ll get the hang of it because they are two different techniques and styles of writing.

Coinciding with these changes DC is launching three new series in October and November. ARKHAM MANOR, GOTHAM AT MIDNIGHT and GOTHAM ACADEMY where the Wayne Manor will be turned into the local asylum while the other is more kid friendly/young adult friendly series that will focus on the exclusive prep school in Gotham city and GOTHAM AT MIDNIGHT will be the X-Files of DC Comics.

ARKHAM MANOR will be taken on by Gerry Duggan, who had a long run on Marvel’s DEADPOOL series, while Becky Cloonan will be taking on GOTHAM ACADEMY. A long time artist for DC Comics, she is finally getting her first chance at writing for them. Congratulations Becky!

Additionally, Ray Fawkes who has a long standing relationship writing the paranormal (CONSTANTINE, JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK) will be the lead writer behind GOTHAM BY MIDNIGHT, delving more into the supernatural side of Gotham.

And last, but not least, is ROBIN RISES: ALPHA, the conclusion to the ROBIN RISES saga by my personal favorite writer Peter J. Tomasi.

Don’t forget to check out the Gallery below of the comics.


Source: HITFIX

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