Behind the Scenes of Batman 89

by Julian Bartlett
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batdirectorMany fanboys and fangirls refer to Tim Burton’s Batman as the template for all films featuring the Dark Knight to come. From Keaton’s performance as Bats to Nicholson’s unparalleled Joker, Batman is a favorite for all generations of DC fans. Fans had to wait an incomprehensible amount of time before seeing the caped crusader portrayed with such grit as Burton accomplished again.

Mr. Burton seemed to perfectly capture the feel of Gotham and its desperate need for a savior. The set design in Batman 89 looked as though it was ripped straight from the pages of the comics. I was a big fan of the “no-neon” approach. Burton’s Gotham resembles a seedy and crime filled city with little to no hope of recovery. The mob runs the city which is fueled by money and greed. The set design team hit the ground running and produced a Gotham that translated to the big screen all of its beautiful imperfections. Loosing the campy nature of the Adam West interpretation was an astounding trade for the deeper, darker look at Gotham’s hero.

Now with the release of the 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray, fans are going to get a special look inside what it took to make one of the best Batman films of all time. The Blu-Ray will come packed with special features including a featurette entitled Batman: The Birth of the Modern Blockbuster. It will showcase how the extensive marketing and merchandising changed the face of not only Batman, but how modern movies would be sold for more than just the film. Batman 89 was the original superhero franchise and this will show everyone why. Here are a few key crew members that made it all possible.

Before Heath Ledger there was Jack Nicholson. Before Christian Bale there was Michael Keaton. Two men that, in my opinion, made Batman the most recognizable hero of all time. This was the first time fans would see a Joker that was less about the fun and games and more about the crazy and maniacal. Bruce Wayne has always been a very dark and brooding soul. To see Keaton bring this to life on-screen with such tact and perfection was simply exquisite. The passion put into this project by Tim Burton is clearly seen in every frame.

With the release of the Batman 89 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray coming on November 11, fans won’t have to wait to much longer to add this essential movie to their collection. And with the price set around $25.00, nobody will have to spend anytime in Arkham for stolen funds.

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