James Tynion IV – DC Comics News Exclusive Interview

by Steve J. Ray
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James Tynion IV is one of the most acclaimed and respected writers in comics. He’s written Detective Comics, Batman, Justice League Dark, and many others for DC. His move over to creator-owned work with Substack made headlines, and he’s one of the most prolific writers in the business.

Department of Truth, Something Is Killing The Children, and The Nice House On The Lake are series that are loved by fans and critics alike. James’ work on Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country, for DC Black Label, has also proven to be a smash hit.

I attended the Thought Bubble convention this past weekend, where I was lucky enough to talk to James about his work on Substack, and we also got news about both The Nice House On The Lake and Nightmare Country… but that’s enough from me, let’s hear from James!

James Tynion IV – DC Comics News Exclusive Interview

Thought Bubble is, in my opinion, the UK’s best comic convention. Unlike some of the other shows, which are all great but have comics as a secondary focus, Thought Bubble is all, 100% comics centric. It attracts the biggest names in the business and is the warmest, friendliest con there is.

This show feels like it’s run by family.

Look out for our exclusive interview with Scott Snyder, also from the Thought Bubble convention!

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