Scott Snyder – DC Comics News Exclusive Interview

by Steve J. Ray
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Here is the Scott Snyder – DC Comics News Exclusive Interview. Scott is synonymous with Batman. His runs on Detective Comics, the main Batman title, All-Star Batman, Dark Nights: Metal, Death Metal, and others, are now legendary. He’s also a writer who’s also changed the face of the entire DC Universe.

He’s also worked on Swamp Thing and written a multitude of creator owned independent comics that are loved by millions. Nocterra, Barnstorming, and American Vampire are just a few of the titles he’s co-created.

One thing that fans may not know is how much he supports independent comic stores, champions physical, printed comics and shares his love of sites, like DC Comics News, and our sister sites, Dark Knight News and Fantastic Universes.

I was fortunate enough to finally meet him in the flesh at this year’s Thought Bubble convention. We talked about several of his brand-new projects for ComiXology, including a monthly series with his son, Jack. He proved that, when it comes to comics fans and Scott Snyder, you really should meet your heroes.

Scott Snyder – DC Comics News Exclusive Interview

Thought Bubble started life in November 2007 as a one-day event, an idea sparked by renowned comic artist Tula Lotay (aka Lisa Wood). At the time Lisa worked in a Leeds comic book shop, Travelling Man. Travelling Mans Director, Nabil Homsi, encouraged Lisa to get Thought Bubble going, he gave guidance and financial support to make it happen. The first convention took place in the basement of Leeds Town Hall. The following year the convention grew, and then grew again and again.

From the very beginning Thought Bubble’s ethos has been to celebrate comics and the people who make them. This focus on comics, the creators and the fans make Thought Bubble a unique kind of festival, especially loved by comic creators themselves! This leads to a consistently high caliber of talent at our annual comic convention.

With humble beginnings, Thought Bubble has gone from strength to strength, with an unparalleled reputation and a growth built primarily on word of mouth and a deep love of comics and the people who make them. Now the event has grown to a huge week-long festival and attracts thousands of attendees and guests from around the world.

Look out for our interview with James Tynion IV, also from Thought Bubble 2022.

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Video Editor – Dave Tidey

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