Stunt Double Not Required

PilotBeing the Arrow takes a strong body and a strong mind. Nobody knows this better than Arrow star Stephen Amell. With action around every turn, you can’t help but wonder how the vigilante goes week in and week out without getting too busted up to film. The common answer to that question would be a stunt double.

All major actors use them for the biggest stunts in their summer blockbusters. Not Stephen Amell. Now, we all know Amell can go up and down the salmon ladder with relative ease. The CW star prefers, almost insists, that he be able to perform his own stunts. In a behind-the-scenes interview that can be seen on the season 2 Blu-Ray, Amell says,”I like doing my own stunts more than the producers and the stunt coordinators and the directors and everybody that has a stake in the show likes me doing my own stunts.”

Arrow Season 2 releases today on Blu-Ray and it’s prefect timing for those who arsenalneed to play catch up before season 3 debuts October 8th. This season is highly anticipated with a new romance brewing between Ollie and Felicity. Not to mention the barrage of new DC characters that will be added to Arrow’s lineup. Bringing in Superman alumni Brandon Routh to play Ray Palmer and finally having Roy take up as Arsenal is yet another fan pleaser.

The big question of the upcoming season is who will play the main villain? Hopes are high with the tease for Ra’s Al Ghul over the summer. Of course, a little bit of the Dark Archer or a little Deathstroke business wouldn’t be bad at all.

While doing an interview at Fan Expo Canada, Amell expressed an enormous interest in adding another hero to the Arrow roster. “Now, boy we’ve referenced Ferris Air a lot. It would be really cool to have Green Lantern. Hopefully, that happens. I have no inside information, unless I do.”


How cool indeed Mr. Amell.


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Source: Arrow Facebook & MoviePilot