Baltimore Comic-Con 2014 Day 2

by Thomas ODonnell
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Baltimore-Comic-ConBaltimore Comic-Con Day 2!

The day was spent focusing on talking with creators and checking out “Artist Alley”. My first order of business was being inducted into the “Royal Order of Free and Accepted Mystery Scientists” by none other than “Mystery Science Theatre 3000” creator Joel Hodgson. Other highlights include..

Meeting Walter Simonson who’s new creator owned book “Ragnorok” is out now, I suggest you pick it up as I believe this is some of Simonson’s best work to date! Walter Simonson’s Ragnarök | Facebook

Brandon Peterson had a beautiful set of prints featuring Wonder Woman, Powergirl and Zatanna.  check out his website The Brandon Peterson Gallery

Greg Capullo’s table was overwhelmed with fans throughout the three days , but I was able to chat with him for a few minutes after the “DC Comics” panel, which you can watch below.

Michel Fiffe was on hand selling copies of his independent hit “Copra”, itself a love letter to the 80’s DC Comics “Suicide Squad”. Click on his name to order back issues and trades!

Local creator David Crispino had three different comic book offerings “Blood and Time” ( A horror western), “Control” (a sci-fi thriller) and “Commuters”  drawn by “I TASTE SOUND” creator Mike Rilley. David also had preview copies of his new book “Smair” starring Victor Acord in the title role.

I bought a cool Batgirl/Batwoman print (pictured below) for myself and a copy of “Cleopatra in Space” for my daughter by Mike Maihack



I took in the DC Comics panel hosted by DC Comics Editorial Director Bobbi Chase with guests Aaron Kruder, Cliff Chiang, Dan Jurgens, Dave Finch, Paul Levitz, Greg Capullo, Joe Prada and Ivan Reis. A certain Blue and Gold character is discussed and they take questions from the audience!


After the panel I had a great conversation with “Action Comics” artist Aaron Kruder about Jim Steranko, Al Williamson and his growing family of rescue dogs.

Saturday proved to be a good day for cos-play! There were great costumes everywhere you looked and DC Comics was well represented! Go to Baltimore Comic-Con’s Facebook pages to check out some of the other great cos-plays. Baltimore Comic-Con  and Baltimore Comic-Con


Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman
Black Canary
Wonder Woman and Superman
Ms. Marvel, Cheshire, Green Arrow and Thor
Catwoman and Batgirl
Harley Quinn and Joker's Daughter
Green Arrow and Black Canary
Joker's Daughter and Catwoman vs Batman
The Watchmen
Red Hood,WW and Nightwing
Bombshell WW
Zatanna, Flash and Shazam
Suicide Squad
Zatanna and Joker's Daughter
Constatine and Zatanna
Joker's Daughter

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