by Kate Kane
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The end of INJUSTICE Year 2 has finally hit us this week. Another year passes by as Sinestro’s army, headed by Superman himself, take on their arch nemesis the Guardians for the final stand on who controls the fate of the world and the universe.

10681997_888738561144390_560641554_nA heartfelt ending to the second year of Superman’s domination, Tom Taylor has really shown how much of a big softy he is. It was a sweet end to the battle driven arc even with the devastation of the Green Lantern’s greatest weapon. Removing the Justice Leagues ladies one by one, we see the exit of another long standing member, Canary. She gets her happy ending thanks to the kindness of Dr. Fate and  writer Tom Taylor. He has written yet another happy moment, though they are rare for DC, it was also a clever closure to her story; contrasting against the doom and gloom Superman is raining down on humanity.

10681903_888738597811053_2031366211_nWith the all-star artists coming together for the issue, Redondo depicts Canary’s story and Xermanico takes Superman’s side. The penciling is extremely meticulous from each characters faces to the outfits they wear. Nanjan’s colors erupt off the page in streaks of brilliant hues. With such amazing combos, the artwork makes everything on the pages feel that much more real. It’s a tribute to all the artists who worked on the Year 2 arc as they have upheld such a high quality throughout the series.


10525041_888738527811060_19945850_nIt was wonderful to see bad turn into good in the final issue. Not all endings have to be bad, as Tom Taylor showed us the exiting of Canary back into another life back with Oliver. It was a touching end and really gave hope that not everything for our favorite heroes has to end badly. I hope the theme carries through the series even though some great men have already been lost, I felt Canary deserved this for all she had done and that was done to her. The artwork on her story was also beautiful. With realistic feature and feminine details made it soft yet colorful and really gave that happy vibe to the whole ending. I’m glad at least one writer still has a mushing sense of true love behind all the masks of strength.


10711356_888738454477734_1087802480_nAs much as I love the happy ending, the Superman story ended rather abruptly. If I didn’t know that there was a Year 3 on the way, I would have been rather annoyed at the outcome being left hanging like that way.  As much as he destroyed a planet, I would have liked more bang for my buck when it came to Superman’s or should I say Sinestro’s total domination.


The final installment of INJUSTICE Year 2, we are left with the ending of fear controlling the world and a burning question as to what will happen in the next year to come. So stay tuned for the world’s fate and what will happen to the heroes of the Injustice universe.




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